CBRNE Detection

CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) Detection systems help protect critical national infrastructure by identifying safety and security incidents concerning toxins, pollutants, smoke, gasses, poisons, explosions and gunshots.

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Integrated CBRNE Detection systems help you mitigate the threat of toxic agents and materials.

Having the right equipment can help you identify potential risk and help you provide an effective response. Once you have the correct system in place, it is equally important to ensure proper training to personnel and have a regular maintenance plan in place to ensure proper functionality.

ASI Security understands this critical need and can provide comprehensive design, training and maintenance for these systems, helping safeguard your people, property and assets.

  • Early Detection of Toxic Materials

  • Mitigates Risk of Harmful Agents

  • Portable, Handled or Mounted Options

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