Emergency Notification Systems

When a threatening situation occurs, what’s the most vital component to a life safety system? Communication. Whether it’s before, during or after an event, our mass notification systems deliver accurate information to the people who need it.

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Cohesive & Connected Systems

ASI Security provides integrated fire detection, security, and alerting into one comprehensive system that is individually customized to meet the specific needs of our customers and deliver critical information when it matters most.


Intercom and paging systems play a vital role in your comprehensive crisis and mass notification plan. Our intercom systems enable effective communication between a variety of locations and allow announcements publicly or to specific locations as desired.

Our team is fully trained and certified to install intercom and paging systems specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of correctional, industrial, and high security applications. Designed to integrate with other security products, our intercom and paging solutions offer clear, crisp audio, excellent speech quality, and optional adjustments and filters to accommodate variances in room acoustics.

  • Instant alerts via speaker/text/email

  • Reduces response time

  • Meets regulatory requirements

  • Unified multi-channel notification

  • Comprehensive threat response

  • Offers optimized employee protection

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